Five Main Objectives of Institute of Lifelong Learning Promotion and Creativity (ILPC)

1.To promote new knowledge, new pedagogy and modern education management with both internal organizations and external organizations in order to enhance sustainable national education.

2.To create lifelong learning society based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy and creative economy as well as to promote the readiness to enter the ASEAN economic community and high standard quality of international higher education.

3.To serve and transfer many forms of knowledges such as academics, occupations, careers,  and innovation, technology, art & culture, communications, life skills, social skills to general people as well as public and private organizations.

4.To enhance lifelong educational opportunities for learners to improve themselves by the trainings of short courses, long courses, curriculums, and special curriculums as well as the ability to accumulate credit hours for higher education and career development.

5.To initiate activities, investments, and knowledge management with external organizations and general public in accordance with the laws.